Opening Keynote:

Katrina Marie Baker

Blend Like a Pro: Key Ingredients for Blended Learning

When it comes to engaging learners, variety is a key ingredient. Learning professionals are a bit like chefs, mixing together learning approaches to give their students a delicious blend of educational experience. This keynote session will touch on practical tips and tricks to implement blended learning, and touch on the research behind current learning trends.

Katrina Marie Baker works for Adobe as a Senior Learning Evangelist. Her independently operated consulting firm, Resources of Fun Learning, has advised organizations in aerospace, construction, healthcare, legal, retail, technology, and transportation.

Katrina speaks frequently and maintains YouTube channel Learn Tech Collective. She has authored books LMS Success(2018), The LMS Selection Checklist (2018), and Corporate Training Tips & Tricks (2017). 

Closing Keynote: 

Will Thalheimer

Innovations in Learning Evaluation: Two Breakthroughs Primed to Change Everything

For decades, when we have been asked whether we are able to do the learning measurement we want to do, the vast majority of us say “No!” We also report that our organizations are holding us back and that we ourselves (as trainers, learning designers, and elearning developers) don’t feel we have the skills we need to get the most out of learning evaluation. In short, in terms of learning evaluation, we feel stuck in a rut.

In his keynote, noted research-to-practice expert Will Thalheimer will share two learning-evaluation innovations that are changing the way evaluation gets done. He’ll share his experiences applying lessons from in his award-winning book, Performance-Focused Smile Sheets. He’ll also introduce us to a new learning evaluation model, LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) that gives us and our organizations better data—so that we can maximize our learning outcomes. Learning evaluation is poised for radical change. This keynote will enable you to consider possibilities that have been hidden until now.


Will Thalheimer, PhD, does research-based consulting focused on learning evaluation in workplace learning. He’s available for keynotes, speaking, workshops, evaluation strategy, smile-sheet rebuilds, and research benchmarking. Founder of The Debunker Club (Debunker.Club), author of the award-winning book Performance-Focused Smile Sheets (, and creator of LTEM, the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model ( Will tweets as @WillWorkLearn and blogs and consults at Work-Learning Research (, where he also publishes extensive research-to-practice reports—and makes them available for free.

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